Terms of Use

A-Z – The Archive Network Israel Project (hereinafter: “A-Z”) and the National Library of Israel offer the information which appears on the “A-Z” Project information site on the internet (hereinafter: the “Website”) subject to the following conditions. The term “User” hereinafter refers to any person who makes contact or communicates with the Website. 

  1. Use of an item or any part thereof, including any text, picture, illustration, map, audio clip, video clip, graphic and/or software applications which appear on the Website will be subject to the Copyright Law, 5768-2007 (hereinafter: the “Law” and/or the “Copyright Law”) and to further ownership restrictions as stated hereinafter. Subject to the “Copyright Law”, a user is forbidden to copy, publish, publicly display, broadcast, make the work available to the public, make a derivative work, circulate, or transfer the item to a third party, in any form or by any means, including electronic or technical, without advanced written consent from the Copyright holder. The aforementioned does not detract from the User’s right to “Reasonable Use” as stated in the Copyright Law or from any other lawful right. The User must preserve the creator’s “Moral Rights” as defined in the Law: to state the creator’s name with every use of the work, and to refrain from any distortion, defection or other change to any item on the Website, or any other action of decrease of value regarding the protected material, which could damage the dignity or reputation of its Copyright holder.


  • Request to Use the Copyright of an Item

A User who wishes to make use of an item in a manner connected to the “Copyright” of the item as defined in the Law will be responsible to receive authorization for the requested use from the archive listed as its owner in the item’s record in the Library’s catalog and/or on the Project Website (hereinafter: the “Archive”) and from the copyright holders of the item, if their name is also listed. To receive further instructions, the User should contact the: “Owner of the Collection” as defined in the item’s record in the Library catalog and/or on the Project Website. May it be made clear that the National Library of Israel is not the copyright holder of the items, and therefore only the Archive, and not the National Library of Israel should be approached with requests to receive authorization to use the items.


  • Crediting the Creator, the Item’s Donor and the National Library

The User will state the details of the Archive and the creators which appear in the blurb beneath the item (if any appear). In addition, the item’s source must be recorded in the following wording: “By courtesy of ____________________ * “A-Z” – The Archives Network Israel Project and the National Library of Israel http://a-z.digital.


  • Amendments to the Terms of Uses

The National Library of Israel and/or the “A-Z” Project may amend the above Terms of Use at any time and pursuant to their sole discretion. These changes will become valid immediately when published and uploaded to the Website. The User must update themselves from time to time with the terms of use of items publicized on the Website.


  • Limitation of Liability

The liability for the manner in which the User makes use of the items and/or information made accessible by the National Library of Israel and/or the “A-Z” Project and which appears on the Website (hereinafter: the “Service”) is incumbent solely upon the User. The Service is offered to the public “As Is”. The National Library of Israel and/or the “A-Z” Project and/or any of their employees, representatives and those employed on their behalf will not bear liability for any damage, loss of property, expense or financial loss caused to the User or to any third party whatsoever as a direct or indirect result of use of the Service, including damage incurred due to use of the software applications downloaded directly by means of the Service or activated as a result of use of the Service. The User will bear sole liability for the manner in which he/she makes use of the Service.


  • Links

The Website contains links to other websites. The following provisions will apply to use of said Links, and do not detract from the other provisions of the Terms of Use. The Links are meant solely for the User’s convenience. Regarding links to external websites which do not belong to the National Library of Israel and/or to the “A-Z” Project (hereinafter: “Third Party Websites”), if not stated otherwise on this Website, there is no legal or commercial relationship between the National Library of Israel and/or the “A-Z” Project and the owners of Third Party Websites, and the National Library of Israel and/or the “A-Z” Project have no control over or right to the material found on said websites.

The National Library of Israel and/or the “A-Z” Project have no liability for the content of the material found on Third Party Websites and/or for information about products or services given or offered on them, either commercial or non-commercial. The information should be clarified with the service providers or another suitable entity. Links to Third Party Websites should not be interpreted as the National Library of Israel and/or the “A-Z” Project issuing approval, authorization, recommendation or preference to said linked websites, including documents and any other material found in them, to the operators of the websites, the products or services, displayed and/or offered on them. At the time any link was included in this service, the information on the linked website was found to be suitable to the purpose of the Service, and the link itself was functional. However, it is possible that over time, changes took place in the linked website.


  1. Submission of a Request to Remove an Item Made Accessible on the Website

The National Library of Israel and/or the “A-Z” Project ensure that material is made accessible to the public in accordance with the Law, and when there are no known restrictions to making the material accessible. In the event there is, in your opinion, a suspicion of any breach of copyright whatsoever in the materials which appear in this website, please contact us by e-mail at the address copyright@nli.org.il so we can investigate the matter. If we should decide that the request justifies investigation, we will prevent access to the material which is the subject of the request as soon as possible until a final decision is reached on the matter.