For the very first time, the “A-Z” project provides the general public, researchers and professionals with a window access interface to the cultural assets found in Israel’s historical archives.

The following description provides details about the information aids the website offers:



You can navigate through the various archives on the website and access each archive’s catalog and digital materials.

Hierarchy Chart – each archive on the website has a “Hierarchy Chart” (located on the top left hand of the screen underneath the archive’s logo). The “Hierarchy Chart” enables you to see all the levels of content associated with that catalog in the archive.

The archive levels on the website display: Unit, subunit, series, subseries, file and item.

In addition, at each archive level you can find the number of items associated with it, making it easier for you to orientate yourself in the material and to understand the quantities of the contents. Clicking on each level will send you to the specific page you requested, where you can read more and find further relevant information.



You can carry out a general search, or search the entire website, a specific archive, and even within previous Google search results by various parameters. The search engine chosen to serve the user is the Google engine of the Search Application (GSA) type, the best, strongest and most precise search engine currently in existence. It’s all just for you… set out on your journey and put it through its paces.

  • Free Search: You will find a “Free Search Box” on each of the website’s pages, enabling you to search the website for any keyword or sequence of words which enters your mind. The search bar is located at the top of the website and is divided into two parts:
  1. The first part: a list of the archives.
  2. The second part: the free text box.

You can achieve optimal results relevant to the search you input by using the 2 search boxes together, in accordance with the selected archive.

  • Driven Search (Short-cuts/Cuts): On the right-hand and center of the screen in each archive is the word “filter” followed by a list of “short-cuts”, through which you can specify information for more precise results. For example: “the type of material”, “time”, “personalities”, “places”, “topics”, “creator”, “media”, “free text box”.

Only Show Pictures (Yes/No)

The “only show pictures” feature enables you to view all existing material which a picture attached. If you wish to do so, simply move the button to “Yes”, a function which displays all the technological material with pictures. If you wish to view all the existing material regardless of whether or not it has pictures, simply change the setting to “No”.


Pictures (Grid)/List Setting

By moving between the list and picture settings you can choose the interface you prefer and find most convenient. In the “List” setting you will receive a small picture of the archive including brief information about it, and in the “Pictures” setting you will receive the information arranged in a graphic form, with large pictures.


The “Share” command appears on every page and at each level of the website. This command allows you to share your favorite items with your friends and acquaintances, or simply to save the choice items for yourself on social media.

The different share levels can be found in almost every place in the website: the level of the entire website, the archive level, the exhibition level, the file level, the item level and even at the level of an individual document.

We would appreciate you sharing the website’s content with your family and friends and to spread the word to those dear to you… we need it.


In the event that a certain item in the portal belongs to a digital document (picture), you can view, on the item page, an interface which concentrates many functions connected to the picture, such as:

  • Browse through a multi-page document (book, booklet)
  • Open in full screen
  • Enlarge/shrink the picture
  • Rotate right/left
  • Share options (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest)
  • Add to your personal area
  • Download
  • Print
  • Mark item as inappropriate


Contact Us

On the “Contact Us” page you can contact the “A-Z” portal’s support representativeד or alternatively contact the archives themselves for any question or inquiry.

To contact the archives found on our website choose the “Archives” category on the “Contact Us” page and fill out the other details and the request you wish to submit.

We will gladly be at your service and assist you with any question or request regarding use of the website and its information aids.